We put our management to be recognized as the most important assets in the hospitality industry, the backbone of our company. Sotis Hospitality Management (SHM) corporate team has been significantly built the base on a wide range of knowledge and selected from some of the most respected and passionate professionals in the hospitality industry.

Our board of directors and corporate team brings their knowledge, perspectives, and attitude to all aspects of this industry. These knowledge, experiences, and passion built over the foundation of SHM. With having more than 15 years of both local and international experiences, our team members bring up a variety of knowledge and standard procedure to all aspects of development; from technical to management and business development aspects.

SHM is unique compared to other local and most international hospitality management companies with its philosophy industry. We offer experience, quality, professionalism, and passion. Our objective is to be recognized as the company that manages lucrative hotels, villas, and residences wherever the may be located. We are not only concerned with the development of accommodation’s brand itself but also prioritize investment returns while retaining property images with the discipline to maintain the best international standard in every aspect of the company.

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