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Mindful Meetings | Innovative | Inspiring and Energized | Experience our new, progressive approach to meetings that helps you drive better results. Designed to inspire and engage your audience, Mindful Meetings incorporate wellness elements into every meeting, ensuring that your participants feel inspired, engaged and ready to focus so that you can achieve your objectives.



For centuries, Indonesia has been known for its aromatic and culinary inspiration to fine gourmands the world over. The truest pleasure of the table is revealed only when all of the senses are harmoniously mingled, as they are at the restaurants of Sotis Hotels, Villas, and Residences. Over the years, all the restaurants in Sotis has been delighted guests with a perfect blend of Indonesian traditional dishes presented in an elegant ways. As it moves forward to uphold its high standards and meet the needs of the guests, Sotis is pleased to introduce the new flavour showcasing nouvelle cuisine that stressed freshness, lightness, and clarity of flavour, served in sharing plates and regular-sized dishes.

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